Foundation for Policy Development

The foundation from which the policy development process arises and finally yields fruits (results) is like the soil.

The soil consists of the principles of organic agriculture and its potentials to enhance sustainability of the Pacific Islands – their environment and the physical, economic and social health of their people.

Embedded in the soil are the roots of the Policy Tree, which are:

  • Knowledge and understanding of organic agriculture and its potentials. The Toolkit features several tutorials related to this:
    • Tutorial: Organic agriculture and markets
    • Tutorial: Organic agriculture in the Pacific Islands
    • Tutorial: Organic Standards and regulations
    • Tutorial:  Organic Certification
  • Commitment to developing organic agriculture to achieve key objectives.
    • Can we commit to policy support for organic agriculture?
    • Government support for organic agriculture: a global overview
    • Case Example: Tunisia
  • Cooperation among governments and key stakeholders.
    • Dimensions of Cooperation

Explore the Foundation as the first stage of developing a strategic plan and policy for organic agriculture and markets.


For offline reading of the main files, download the file folder.