Cicia Organic Monitoring Agency

COMA was created by the people of Cicia to implement the Participatory Guarantee System.


Grow our islands future


  • Certification
  • Training
  • Capacity building
  • Organics promotion
  • Public awareness

Organic Certification
Application to POETCom for use of the Organic Pasifika mark.

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Products available

Virgin Coconut Oil, tree crops, root crops and vegetables.

Volunteer opportunities
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Contact details
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In June 2013 the island’s leaders declared Cicia organic, and this has been certified by COMA. The agency worked with farmers to explain the Participatory Guarantee System and their roles in promoting and protecting the PGS. COMA continues to raise awareness in the schools and community about the organic certification. COMA’s Certification Committee monitor’s the operation of the PGS to ensure it adheres to the guidelines.