LionFish Holdings Ltd

LionFish Holdings Ltd

LionFish Holdings Ltd is the exclusive national licensee of the CertLink Information and Management Systems ( in Vanuatu. More broadly, it is a consultancy and information based business, with its core competitiveness arising through strong local and international experience specialising in agriculturally based development outcomes. LionFish has more than 15 years’ experience in the Pacific, including assisting farmers, growers, processors and exporters to convert to organic production methods.

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Measurably improve the livelihoods of farmers and growers in Vanuatu through data-focused and data-driven Agribusiness, Information and People Services

Organic Certification

Not yet

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LionFish Holdings Ltd
c/- P.O Box 1311
Port Vila
P: +678 554 5588/ +678 534 5889