Advocacy & Education Materials

Pacific Organic Tourism and Hospitality Standard

French Polynesia on TOR for PGS Agreements

French Polynesia Decree on POS Prime Standard

French Polynesia Decree on Organic Commission

French Polynesia Decree on Organic Commission Functioning

French Polynesia Decree Official Journal on PGS and CB

French Polynesia Organic Regulation

List of Policies Referencing Organics in Agriculture Policy Bank

Market Regulation of Pig Meat New Caledonia

Lists of Standards for Organic Farming in New Caledonia

Marshall Island Organic Farmers Association Strategic Plan 2016-2021

A plan to guide the development of organic agriculture, food security and safeguard natural resources and forests in Marshall Islands. The plan has nine primary goals and various objectives and activi...

French Polynesia Country Laws on Organic Agriculture

French Polynesia Organic Agreement

French Polynesia Organic Agriculture Agreement

Vanuatu Organic Agriculture Sector Policy (Draft)

Vanuatu's Organic Policy is closely linked to the Vanuatu Overarching Productive Sector Policy and the Agricultural Policy. This organic policy maps out strategies for growing organic production for t...

National Organic Farming Policy for Niue (Draft)

A draft inaugural policy for the Rock of Polynesia. This policy attempts to address the current state of organic farming on Niue and lists steps that should be taken to further the adoption of organic...

Niue Organic Farmers Association Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (Draft)

A five year plan focused on building organic food production, consumption and for income generation on the 'Rock of Polynesia'. Key areas include organisation and development, production, public aware...

Planting Cocoa in the Solomon Islands

Organic Agriculture for Food Security

No GMOs in Organics

Organic Agriculture: A Solution for Climate Change

Organic Agriculture Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals

Organic Agriculture: Promoting & Sustaining Biodiversity

Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than...

Understanding Organics

This is first in a regular series of columns on organic agriculture. The intent of those columns is to improve understandings in those unfamiliar with organic production and to provide a resource to g...