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Oceania Pasifika Organic Food Systems Dialogue: Uniting the Oceania Pasifika Organic Voices through the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers Organisations

Register for our organic food systems dialogue in partnership with INOFO Council where we will discuss how organic agriculture can transform our food system. Register by 8th June.

Piloting of Organic Policy Toolkit in Vanuatu and Fiji

The toolkit is designed to enable government and advocates in the organic sector of the Pacific Islands to work together in developing organic policy on a national level. Government have an important role to play in fostering the development of organ...

Launch of the UNDP Farm to Table Project in Fiji

The Fiji portion of the UNDP Farm to Table Project will be launched at Nabalabala village, in Rakiraki on August 17, 2016.

Startup IFAD Capacity for Building Resilience in Agriculture in the Pacific Project

Commencement of the three year project “Capacity Building for Resilient Agriculture in the Pacific,” funded by the International Fund for Agriculture Development IFAD.

Establishment of PGS in the Solomon Islands

Farmers of Baniata will implement the Participatory Guarantee System first determining the status of the island in relation to the use of chemical inputs. Rolling out PGS could eventually lead to exports of Ngali nut under the Organic Pasifika eco-la...