POETCom Update – 19 February 2015

Greetings POETCom members and friends

Please find attached media releases and an infographic to start our awareness campaign in support of the International Year of Soil. ( French Versions on following email)

We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to SPC’s weekly ABC (Australia) timeslot this morning to launch our campaign and if you could all please make an effort to share the release and infograph widely in your country and with your national media and let us know when items are picked up.

Our first YouTube clip has also been posted – Soil Rocks Pt1. It is a series of clips featuring many of you talking about soil, we will release at least one each month. The first clip features Teava Iro from the Cook Islands. http://youtu.be/fWKO3l9TO5M

We will be runnning these resources through our website (www.organicpasifika.com ) and also through our Facebook Page Organic Pasifika. https://www.facebook.com/organicpasifika

The website will be live tomorrow Friday 20 February – there are still a few parts we are working on but we have a good start.

We encourage you all to “Like” our Facebook page and share it with your contacts and friends and engage in the discussions- and for those who arent on Facebook yet we encourage you to ask your children to help set you up!


Warm regards