Upcoming Events!

We are excited to announce that we have upcoming events where POETCom will be raising the issues and seeking feasible solutions that serve the interest of our Pacific organic farmers.

IFOAM 20th Organic World Congress, 6–10 September 2021

The OWC aims to provide organic and likeminded stakeholders working toward sustainable agriculture, value chains and consumption with an opportunity to trade knowledge, innovations, and experiences about the organic world. The event is held every three years.

And POETCom is excited to share that it has submitted two motions it believes could improve the continued development of organics. They are:

Motion 68: to add Gender Equality and Social Inclusion into IFOAM Organic International’s Principle of Fairness

Motion 69: to add Agroecology to the IFOAM Norms and Best Practice Guidelines

Click on the link below for more information on OWC.


Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmers Association (INOFO) General Assembly of the Oceania Pacific Region, 20 September and 13 October 2021

INOFO is the farmer platform for IFOAM Organics International which, as a community, helps drive the organic narrative of organic farmers around the globe. The INOFO General Assembly offers a platform for organic farmers around the world to network, exchange knowledge, lobby and advocate for issues and solutions.

POETCom is thrilled to announce that it will be launching the new INOFO Oceania Pasifika region at this event, joining other INOFO regions in Latin America & Caribbean, Africa (West, East, Southern), Europe and Asia (South, South-East). Through INOFO, Oceania Pasifika POETCom will ensure the Pacific region’s voice is strong and heard.

POETCom General Assembly,  10–12 November 2021

This biennial event brings together Pacific organic stakeholders, farmers, researchers and policymakers to address questions around resilience, societal transformation, health, and food sovereignty. The General Assembly will be a virtual event and more details are coming soon.