Who We Are

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Organics and ethical trade: the key contributor to sustaining our cultures and communities, improving farmer livelihoods, people’s health and the environment in the Pacific.

Through coordination, information sharing, networking, capacity building and establishing a regional certification scheme; grow the organic and ethical trade movement and contribute to a productive, resilient, sustainable and healthy Pacific Island region.


  • We seek to be guided by spiritual principles.
  • We are committed to preparing our populations for the challenges of climate change; and ensuring food and nutritional security and enhancing adapted biodiversity.
  • We are guided by an understanding of Pacific approaches to decision making and take into account Pacific values, traditions and cultures.
  • We seek to ensure equality of access, e.g. by people of different genders and ages and from different countries and sub regions —as well as the principles of fairness, justice and partnership.
  • We recognize the value of youth for a productive agriculture sector.
  • We recognize the need to support and enhance the quality of people’s life —with an emphasis on those who work on the land and future generations as well as respect for the land and broader environment.
  • We are committed to networking/positive engagement and communication, and the development of increasing self reliance.
  • We are committed to the principles of organic agriculture and the holistic approaches it encompasses.
  • We are committed to building a more inclusive Pacific community— working together, supported by past traditions and connections with the land —to achieve our vision.