Our Membership

POETCom is a membership organization. POETCom’s advocacy capacity is based on having a strong membership base and the resources to publish, communicate and represent the organic community at strategic international meetings and with key influencers and international policy decision-makers.

Membership is open to any individual or organizations who endorse POETComs’ mission & goals, the Principles of Organic Agriculture and ethical trade. POETCom has 3 categories of membership:  Focal points, Members, and Supporters.

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* Predominantly organic means: More than 50 % of the turnover/budget is related to Organic Agriculture OR More than 50 % of the activities/time investment of an organization is related to Organic Agriculture**.

** Related to Organic Agriculture means: The organization is following the objectives of organic agriculture, (this includes the range of organic activities, certified and not certified, local, regional and global) or the activities are positively related to organic agriculture (for example Rural development, Fair Trade, etc.)