Our Philosophy


The Organic and Ethical Trade movement in the Pacific Islands grew from the shared belief of organic producers across the region that traditional agricultural practices which have sustained a high quality of life and food security in our islands for generations when supplemented with new innovations and technologies in organic agriculture could assure a continued quality of life and ongoing food security as well as the opportunities for livelihood development through the marketing of our organic produce to the world.

An important aim of this movement is the conservation of the natural resources: fertile soil; clean water; rich biodiversity and also cultural diversity and traditional values. The art of organic farming is to make the best use of ecological principles and processes appropriate to needs of Pacific farming families.

 The Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom) was born from these shared beliefs and common desire to contribute to the sustainable development of our region. 

POETCom is a not for profit membership organisation with active members (farmers associations, farmer support organisations, NGOs, private sector, research institutions and working with governments) in 14 countries of the Pacific Island region with the Secretariat hosted by the Land Resources Division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community in Suva, Fiji.