The Board & Staff Committees

The Advisory Board is elected by the POETCom national focal points every 2 years at the POETCom General Assembly.

The purpose of the Advisory Board, on behalf of the POETCom membership is to see that POETCom fulfills its social compact with the community, including its host organization the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and ensures POETComs’ goals and objectives are met. It is to serve as a wise steward of its resources and the organizations values.

Board Members: 

Chair- Nambo Moses, Vanuatu
Robert Bishop, Palau
Francois Japiot, New Caledonia
Gilles Parzy, French Polynesia
Adi Maimalaga Tafunai, Samoa

Standards and Certification Committee: 

Nambo Moses – Livestock specialist
Falaniko Amosa – Crop production Lecturer – University of the South Pacific
Gilles Parzy – Organic Certifier – BioAgricert
George Teiya – Participatory Guarantee System specialist
Grace Leung – Organic Certifier – Biogro
Carolin Moeller – Organic Certifier – NASAA


Stephen Hazelman – Acting Coordinator 

Moana Masau – Project Assistant 

Theresa Fox – Information and Communications officer