What We Do


The POETCom secretariat in Fiji and focal points and members in Pacific nations work to develop the tools, education and support to make organic agricultural practices and produce an attractive and rewarding alternative to for farmers and consumers. 


As POETCom develops all the stakeholders in the pacific organic community are encouraged to:

  • Develop and distribute awareness and policy statements on organics, climate change, food and nutritional security and adapted agro-biodiversity.
  • Encourage farming families to look at healthy organic alternatives and practices and where appropriate become members of the organic movement through POETCom.
  • Advocate for organics and make political and community leaders aware of the work of POETCom and it’s members.
  • Conduct organic training and distribute materials to aid the use of organic technologies and climate resilient planting material that can be used by agricultural extension programs.
  • Help farmers to apply the Pacific Organic Standards and where appropriate become part of a Participatory Guarantee system (PGS) or gain third party certification.
  • Promote the Organic Pasifika branding and develop value chain and paths to markets for Pacific produce.
  • Inform members and peak bodies such as the Heads of Agriculture in the Pacific, and IFOAM of progress in the Pacific organic movement.
  • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, produce and processes between POETCom individuals, groups and nations.