Overview of Strategic Planning

Overview of Strategic Planning for Support to Organic Agriculture and Markets

The aim of the Foundation section of this Toolkit was to build familiarity and understanding needed for the planning process.  This section now turns to the process itself. In terms of the Policy Tree, this is the trunk of the tree, the core structural pathway that will eventually branch out into specific actions.

Many toolkit users will be experienced with strategic planning processes, and therefore topics and terms in this section will be very familiar.  However, this section couches the process in the context of the organic sector, drawing on planning examples for organic agriculture and markets, and contextual factors that should be taken into account.  The section starts with main guide on strategic planning which takes the toolkit user through the process. This guide features examples from the planning process specific to the sector and is accompanied by case examples of other strategic plans for supporting the organic sector.  The toolkit also offers a decision framework, a functional spreadsheet to assist the toolkit user to identify and choose suitable strategic actions.  Finally, there is supportive guidance including some models for planning in the areas of organic regulations and promotion.

Guidance for the Strategic Planning Process

Case Examples of Strategic Plans

Introduction to Decision Framework

Guidance and Template for Organic Regulation Development

Guidance for Organic Promotion Policy

Outline for Strategic Plan for Organic Agriculture and Markets

Optional Further Reading:
Two comprehensive documents prepared by UNCTAD/UNEP and IFOAM respectively offer further useful information and guidance for countries with emerging organic sectors on supporting their further development.

Best Practice for Organic Policy
What developing country Governments can do to promote the organic agriculture sector

Building Sustainable Agriculture Sectors (IFOAM)
The development of dynamic organic sectors, with a focus on developing countries


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