Outline for Strategic Plan for Organic Agriculture and Markets

Section 1:  Organic agriculture and policy goals:  key aims that can be addressed by support for developing the organic sector and relevant ministries, departments

Section 2:  Situation of organic agriculture and markets

2.1  General context of agriculture and economy in the country
2.2  Organic production
2.3  Organic processing
2.4  Organic certification
2.5  Organic markets
            2.5.1  Domestic markets
            2.5.2  Export markets
2.6  Organic sector organization

Section 3: Policy framework and impact analysis of current policies on the organic sector           

Section 4:  Analysis of strengths/weakness/opportunities/threats of the organic sector

4.1  SWOT Process
4.2  SWOT Results
4.3 Implications of SWOT results and policy impact analysis for setting objectives

Section 5:  Key objectives for organic sector development (specify timeframe, usually 3-6 years)

5.1 General objectives for growth of organic production and markrts
5.2  Specific objectives for sector development

Section 6:  Plan of Strategic Actions     

 (List and describe strategic actions,  related objectives,  justification, timeframe, responsibility for implementation, and optionally budget/budget source and indicators.)  

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