Policy Strategies

Strategic planning will include consideration of the actions that can be undertaken to support the development of organic agriculture and markets.  The planning should take into account the four branches of policy strategies and related possible actions, which are:

  • to increase organic production and supply of organic products (“push” actions )
  • to increase demand for organic products (“pull” actions)
  • to create a supportive context for the development of the organic sector (“enabling” actions)
  • to address and correct policies that negatively impact the development of organic agriculture and markets. (eliminating negative impacts)

This section presents an array of possible strategic actions for each of the four  branches of policy strategies.   For each action there is

• a description of the action and its political justification;

• suitable contexts (which explain the positioning of each action in the toolkit’s decision matrix);

• some possible implementation modalities;

• potential pitfalls and challenges (for some actions only). 

•  case examples. 

This array of strategic actions reflects the historical development of organic policy and action planning on a global basis.  Some actions will be more appropriate for the Pacific context than others.  It is also conceivable that in the Pacific context, other strategic actions could be identified.   

Push Actions

Pull Actions

Enabling Strategic Actions

Removing Negative Impacts