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Policy Drivers For Public-Private Partnerships In Pacific Organics: Improving Extension Policy Through An Evidence-Based Approach

The Policy Drivers for Public-Private Partnerships in Pacific Organics: Improving Extension Policy through an Evidence-Based Approach is a Short Research Activity (SRA) implemented through partnership between POETCom and University of Sunshine Coast (USC). The project has three key objectives:

  1. Review current policies, programs and approaches that influence extension partnerships for extension in the organics sector;
  2. Conduct evidence-based case studies to understand the constraints and barriers to effective partnerships; and
  3. Validate findings for relevance to other sectors, markets and supply.

The role of POETCom within this project includes:

  1. Facilitating access to case studies, for both desk-top and detailed analysis of private-public partnerships, and contributing to case study selection;
  2. Organising and co-ordination three policy dialogues and making arrangements for travel of local stakeholders; and
  3. Contributing to and sharing project documentation, by means of acting as ‘knowledge brokers’.



Policy dialogue in Fiji and Vanuatu

In November, a two-day policy dialogue workshop was held in Fiji, and a one-day workshop in Vanuatu. The workshops were designed to share and validate case study findings and to identify future research needs for each of these countries. The participants consisted of representatives of key ministries, representatives from the organic agriculture sector, and representatives of the relevant NGO sector.

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Policy drivers for public private partnerships in pacific organics: improving extension policy through an evidence-based approach 

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