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Call for Interest to Join the Women’s Chapter!

Posted On: September 6, 2021

Building up on our increasing commitment and efforts to gender equality and inclusiveness, we’re working to establish a Women’s Chapter within POETCom’s governance structure.

POETCom has the opportunity to further fair and equitable opportunities within the organic movement by formalising these concepts into its official agenda and governance structure, broadening member’s awareness for concrete action. Our intent is to formally launch and institutionalize the Women’s Chapter during the upcoming POETCom General Assembly in November 2021.

The overall objective of the Women’s Chapter is to contribute to the integration of women into the mainstream of organizational activities ensuring a greater and better participation by women.

Participation empowers women! 

Through the Women’s Chapter, we are introducing a positive measure within POETCom governance to address existing inequalities and inequities by creating a space for women role models and putting them in the spotlight while integrating and boosting the gender equality and social inclusion agenda across the movement.

Research shows that women need independent space to identify and consolidate their own unique aspirations and contributions and where they can speak out about concerns and identify strategies to engage with and change existing inequitable dynamics and attitudes towards women contributions in the organic sector. A safe place where women can develop a greater voice in decision-making – and increase their effective leadership through a successful and cohesive constituency within the organisation.

If you are a woman involved in organics with a strong commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment as well as social inclusion issues, and willing to take a leading role to inspire other women within and outside the POETCom movement while addressing gender and social inclusion concerns, please get in touch with us at

Going beyond the binary approach to gender, the Women’s Chapter aims at creating a representation space also inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community’s voice.

The establishment of the Women’s Chapter is supported by the 4-year project, Building Prosperity for Women Producers, Processors and Women Owned Businesses through Organic Value Chains (BPWP), funded by the Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

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