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Celebrating new POETCom members!

Posted On: December 21, 2021

POETCom is a membership organisation that seeks to serve its affiliates to the greatest extent possible. POETCom has three affiliate categories: focal points, members and supporters. POETCom would like to welcome new members that have joined our ever-growing family. We look forward to working with you and providing technical support and advice for moving forward on your organic journey. Visit the membership section of our website to access information on how to join the POETCom membership.   

Welcome to the following new members and supporter!

Aggie Global

Aggie Global is a social business connecting small farmers to big markets. The company promotes sustainable and ethical production practices with the farmers to ensure environmentally friendly production of food in Fiji. A key component of our work is to sell products locally, to limit carbon emissions during airfreight of imported produce. Individuals and business alike can support Aggie Global and our producers by buying locally made products through their website.

Bioglobal Consultancy Ltd

Bioglobal has provided technical support to many organisations and farmer groups throughout the Pacific and Asia region for the past 28 years focused on organic and participatory guarantee systems (PGS). Support is focused around facilitating ways to help unlock the full capacity of both people and their production base and adding value to their products. Bioglobal designed and documented the systems and procedures for the establishment of Organic Farm NZ (a PGS registered with IFOAM). Bioglobal works with IFOAM via Chris May who is a member of the PGS Committee and author of the IFOAM PGS Guideline Document along with other publications. Bioglobal worked with POETCom to help develop PGS in Kiribati and Fiji. Bioglobal has also provided technical support to Women in Business Development Incorporated (Samoa) in to help launch their organic programme. Currently, Bioglobal is working on projects in Cambodia, Vietnam and New Zealand. Chris May is currently an Organic Farm NZ (OFNZ) National Council Member.

Cacao Fiji Pte

Cacao Fiji Ltd began operations in the Fiji Islands in 2014. The company is involved in the farming, processing and exporting cocoa beans for craft chocolate. We place high emphasis on quality at every aspect of our production. Cacao Fiji Ltd also works with network of cocoa farmers throughout the Fiji Islands. We pride ourselves as leading the change in the revival Fiji cocoa industry We take our inspiration from the craft chocolate community for changing the chocolate market and contributing to a revival 0f cocoa farming in Fiji and new origins. In 2021, the company has expanded into exporting Turmeric working with a network of farmers in the Rakiraki Nalawa hills. 

Fung's Farm

Fung’s farm is a seedlings farm that supplies organically raised seedlings, organic fertilisers and provide farm services for farmers around Fiji. Their range of organic seedlings include vegetable seedlings, herbs seedlings and fruit plant seedlings. Apart from the seedlings, Fung’s Farm also produces and supplies their own organic fertiliser (organically made at the farm) that is popular in Fiji. They also provide farm services to farmers, backyard gardeners, restaurants and hotels across Fiji. Fung’s Farm services include:

· Soil testing (pH test, soil structure test, soil moisture test, soil temperature test, soil stability test.

· Organic farming consultation (tips on making feritilisers and pesticides, practicing better organic farming techniques, and basic training of farming/planting till harvest.

· Preparing planting areas for farmers.

· Taking care of gardens.

· Ensuring clients’ plants are worthy of being harvested.

· All works are carried out organically.

Fiji Queen Organics Association

Fiji Queen Organic Association (FQOA) was founded in 2017 by a group of women from all walks of life who had farms and land that could be utilised for farming. Wanting to learn more about organics, the group underwent training sessions and a call for forming a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) saw FQOA registered in 2018. Members are located in Fiji’s four divisions. Member farms are peer audited annually which fulfils the requirement of the Pacific Organic Standard (POS) under the PGS that leads to certification of our farm and vetted by the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom) programme.

FQOA intends to:

1. Promote organic farming via the dissemination of information, workshops to improve and strengthen organic farming practices by working with other formal and informal women’s groups in the urban and rural areas and tapping into the training resources available through national and international contacts and by sharing knowledge with members.

2. Provide specific training for members and interested women to improve farming practices and increase output through soil, pest and disease management.

3. The continuity of organic farming will be assisted with the production of seeds which is in its infancy and will be a major focus for the group in the near future. Farmers will be taught the basics of producing healthy seeds for future use and for sustainability. This will reduce the dependency on the import of seed stock while developing and strengthening a seed gene pool that is most suited to our Pacific environment.

Quality Solutions

We help local businesses meet international standards. These include ISO9001, ISO22716 - GMP,

ISO22001. HACCP and Organic standards USDA NOP and the NASAA Organic & Biodynamic Standard. We are based in Efate, consulting to various organisations to prepare for certification. We also audit for NCO and Telarc Ltd, where clients have prepared on their own.

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