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Establishment of the POETCom Scientific Think Tank

Posted On: September 6, 2021

At the 2017 POETCom General Assembly, one of the approved motions was the establishment of a POETCom Scientific Think Tank. The main aim of such a chapter is to bring in the scientific expertise to support the growth of organics in the Pacific region.

We are happy to report this chapter has been informally established and has been holding online discussions on various topics relating to organics. The POETCom Regional Strategic Plan Impact Area 2 covers Organic Production Systems, including research and development, research priority setting.  Highly qualified regional scientists and leading regional organic farmers were invited to this group. The aim is to make science applicable to the end client – the farmers.

Some specialties of the Think Tank scientists include: soils, regenerative, carbon sequestration, soil biology and soil biodiversity, pest management, organic compost production, green cover crop, marine biology, biodiversity and agronomy.

Organic farmers of the group have been involved in organics for more than 10 years with an understand of the science behind technologies and practices. POETCom also relies heavily on the scientific capacity of SPC’s Land Resources Division, namely in the areas of genetic resources, sustainable land use and forestry, sustainable agriculture including livestock, plant health, soils, seed production and agronomy; as well as the expertise under the Markets for Livelihood program – where POETCom is housed in the areas of trade, exports, biosecurity and EU projects.

The group will provide scientific guidance in implementing POETCom new projects such as the Kiwa Initiative – Organic Learning Farms Network where scientific research will be undertaken.

POETCom has also started, under current projects, the work on social research to ensure that our work is evidence-based.

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