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Agroecology, a local solution to global crisis

Posted On: November 16, 2022
Our Pacific Organic Learning Farms Network (POLFN) in Nauru facilitated a training with local farmers on Monday 7th – Tuesday 8th November on the Tools for Agroecology Performance Evaluation (TAPE) tool.
In introducing the concept and principles of Agroecology, Mr Bern Dowouw from Nauru’s Department of Commerce, Industry and Environment said that it was similar to what their elders taught them in traditional knowledge on farming practices. He was happy to see that the concept and practices of the fairly new ‘Agroecology’ term was not foreign for them.
POETCom’s Agroecology and Organic Productions Officer, Mrs Fuatino Fatiaki stated, “The purpose of the training is to allow farmers and agricultural extension staff to assess and monitor the performance of kitchen gardens and farms. In Nauru, the focus of agroecological development is to encourage more kitchen gardens, agroforestry and regrowing indigenous trees to rehabilitate the soil. The ultimate goal is to improve people’s health and enhance food security for Nauru.”
Fatiaki and POLFN Project Manager, Jim Nakalevu facilitated a practical demonstration of inputing and assessing agroecological elements using the TAPE tool.
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