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Posted On: June 24, 2015

Niue has elected a new committee for the Niue Island Organic Farmers Association to lead the promotion of organic agriculture on the island. The committee will also focus on the implementation of the Capacity Building for Resilient Agriculture in the Pacific. The project places special emphasis on young farmers and their organisations and will be implemented in Niue, Cook Island and the Marshall Islands.

New chairman is Fisa Pihigia leading a committee of five individuals passionate about organic agriculture and safeguarding of valuable natural resources.

Honorable Fisa Pihigia-NIOFA Chairperson:

Hon. Pihigia has large farms in the Northern Village of Tuapa. Hon Pihigia farms a diverse range of crops  including  taro, bananas, yams, sweet potato, cassava,  limes and watermelons. A member of the Legislative Assembly, Hon Pihigia will champion the Organic Movement through the Legislative Assembly (Fale Fono).

Maryanne Talagi-Deputy Chairperson:

Maryanne has been involved in  Organic growing since NIOFA’s inception in 2002. Maryanne chooses to farm  both traditional crops and vegetables organically as it’s the traditional method of farming. She’s also one of the Vanilla grower, under the organic certification by Bigro…

Georgina Tukiuha-member:

Gina is a founding member of NIOFA and has been championing the organic movement for over 12 years in Niue. A keen health enthusiast in promoting clean and green environment.  Gina and her family –known as the “Four Season Kelemutu Organic Farm” choose to farm organically because we “Do Care” for all living creatures and our environment.

Peter Funaki (MLA)-Member:

Peter is a member of the Legislative Assembly and the sitting member for the Southern village of Tamakautoga. Peter farms Niue’s staple crops. Peter and  his family have helped re-ignite  pineapple production for Niue.

Inangaro Vakaafi-Member: 

Ina is a reporter for BCN,  one of Niue’s climate warriors and a staunch campaigner for Climate Change resolutions. Ina has a long standing commitment to organic farming as her parents, Rauru & Hon Bill Vakaafi(aka BV) were a founding member of NIOFA.

Alana Tukuniu-Secretary/Treasurer: 

Alana has held a  long standing commitment to the organic movement since learning of the destructive practices of conventional agriculture to the environment whilst growing up in Australia. Alana’s motto is worms are our friends.

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