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Posted On: November 10, 2015

High level delegates of the 9th Pacific Community Conference were hosted to an organic breakfast prepared by Niuens and the Niue Island Organic Farmers Association (NIOFA).

The breakfast was aimed at alerting delegates to the benefits of organic farming systems for the good health of ecosystems and people of the Pacific.


NIOFA chairperson Honourable Fisa Pihigia believes sharing conversations over a good meal is an excellent Pacific way of creating dialogue about an important issue.

“Nothing like eating clean, organic food to bring the message home,” he said.

Breakfast jointly prepared with the women of Tamakautoga village included an organic variety from root crops to meat featuring as well traditional Niuean dishes like takihi that is a blend of taro and pawpaw and the bounties of the ocean that encloses the Rock of Polynesia.


The breakfast was supported by the European Union funded Increasing Agriculture Commodities and Trade project of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forests and the International Fund for Agriculture Development.

NIOFA is advocating for organic farming for the good health of Niuean’s, clean environments, healthy soil for sustained food and nutritional security and for the preservation of traditional crafts and farming practices that is uniquely Niuean.

“Niue is at a crossroads. We want to go into the future building a different type of farming legacy; one that is conscientious about sustaining our needs now and that of our future generations,” Honourable Fisa said.

“We can’t ignore the science and established research that denounces chemical agriculture for the devastation it causes to human health, soil health, the marine environment and the atmosphere.

“In wanting to enjoy the clean benefits of the soil now, we also desire to leave our children are healthy inheritance.”


Hundreds of published scientific studies have seriously questioned the safety of the widespread use of common agricultural chemicals in food supply and the environment.

The threat of climate change to food and nutritional security is an added dimension.

“NIOFA is working with youth and farmers to promote organic farming system that are resilient to the challenges of droughts and climate change.

“The delegates are an important audience because of the influence they can wield in shaping a better Pacific that is clean, pure and free from harmful chemicals.”

The breakfast was held at Okiokimai Café in Tamakautoga.


NIOFA is the focal point of the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom) in Niue.


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