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POETCom Tour showcases potential of Organic farm in the Pacific region

Posted On: March 10, 2023











The Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community (POETCom) recently organized a tour of the PGS Certified Organic Bulaccino Farm for delegates and participants of the Pacific Week of Agriculture and Forestry, showcasing the potential of organic farming in the Pacific region. The tour, which took place on March 8, 2023, introduced over 30 participants to the various fruits, crops, flowers, and livestock on the 30-acre organic farm.

Bulaccino farm, owned by Mrs. Eileen Chute, was previously part of a sugar cane plantation and was converted into an organic farm 12 years ago. The farm supplies fresh produce to Bulaccino Cafes in Nadi and Suva, and serves as an example of the potential of organic farming in the Pacific region.

During the tour, Mrs. Chute highlighted the importance of organic farming and the legacy of traditional farming practices. She emphasized that our forefathers and ancestors were able to grow crops and produce without the use of conventional fertilizers, and that we should bear this in mind as we move towards a more sustainable and organic future.

It was a joy and privilege to showcase the miraculous transformation of Bulaccino Farm to this diverse and enthusiastic group of international stakeholders in the organic movement” – Jim Pierce, POETCom Coordinator, Land Resources Division, Pacific Community – SPC.

Tuvalu’s Minister for Local Government and Agriculture Hon. Saaga Talu shared their plans to declare one of the islands of Tuvalu an organic island and they were keen to learning more about the steps needed for this. “It is an opportunity to see what is organic and what is necessary to go for organic. It is important for us as there are plans to declare one of the islands of Tuvalu as organic. We wanted to know better on how to go about with organic” said Minister Talu

POETCom partnered with several of their member/partners, including the Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises & Development, Sea and Soil, Tonga National Youth Council, and Bulaccino Farm, to deliver scientific insights and products that ensure the soil and natural resources are ready to yield organic crops, fruits, and organic fertilizers.


The tour was successful in showcasing the potential of organic farming in the Pacific region and promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly agricultural practices.

POETCom is a programme with the Land Resources Division at the Pacific Community – SPC.

This event was jointly supported by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Building Prosperity for Women Producers Project and the Kiwa Initiative through the Pacific Organic Learning Farms Network Project.


Media Contact: Communications Assistant POETCom, Vilimaina Tamata


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