Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community


Posted On: March 15, 2018

Samoa will host the 2019 General Assembly of the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community.

The offer was made by the Deputy Director of Women in Business Development Inc. and new POETCom Board member Alberta Vitale at the conclusion of the 2017 General Assembly in Wallis and Futuna in October.

‘The Pacific Week of Agriculture is being held in Samoa in 2019, so it is an opportune time for Samoa to play host to the biggest gathering of the organic agriculture community,’ Ms Vitale said.

‘The Pacific games will also be held in Samoa that year. There will be a lot of Pacific people converging in Samoa so we want the organic farming family too. We are excited about this. This early decision gives us enough time to secure the funding needed to host such an event and attend to all the other logistics.’

The General Assembly will be held every two years, as expressly approved by the forum in its recent meeting. The biennial meet is one of 24 motions approved by the august forum. A biennial meet gives members enough time to report on impacts of their work and to financially prepare to attend the meeting.

National general assemblies will be held in member countries six months before the POETCom General Assembly. Reports on discussions and resolutions, along with the lists of participants at the national meets, must be submitted to the POETCom Secretariat.

This allows debates at the national level on pertinent issues and clear resolutions to be forwarded for discussion at the highest forum, the regional General Assembly.

Members, not just focal points, are now allowed to participate in the General Assembly. However, only focal points have voting rights.


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