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Oceania Pasifika Organic Food Systems Dialogue: Uniting the Oceania Pasifika Organic Voices through the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers Organisations (INOFO)


WHEN: Thursday, 10 June, 10 am – 12.30 pm (Fiji Time)

WHERE:  Virtual on Zoom

HOW: Register before 8 June here:

Upon registration you will receive a personal Zoom link to join the meeting.  Please DO NOT share this link as it is unique to you.


  • Mr Tearii Te Moana Alpha, Vice Président of French Polynesia
  • Dr Paula Vivili, Deputy Director General (Science and Capability), Pacific Community
  • Ms Karen Mapusua, Vice President World Board of IFOAM Organics International/Director, Land Resources Division, Pacific Community
  • Ms Shamika Mone, President, Inter-Continental Network of Organic Farmers Organisations (INOFO)
  • Mr Nambo Moses, POETCom Founder and Board Chair
  • Dr Thierry Lison, CEO, Vaihuti Fresh Permaculture Farm


  • Dr Papalii Failautusi Avegalio, University of Hawai‘i Mānoa Shidler College of Business

speaking on people, culture, tradition, land and sea

  • Moko Morris, Te Waka Kai Ora, Maori Organic Certification, New Zealand

speaking on Hua Parakore – Māori organics, validation and verification

  • Andre Leu, Organic Farmer/Director Regenerative International

speaking on food and health

  • Gilles Parzy Tehau, POETCom Founding Member/BioAgriCert: International Certification Body, French Polynesia:

speaking on the innovation of Agroecology

  • Franck Soury-Lavergne, BioCaledonia

speaking on innovation


Food lies at the heart of human existence and the term ‘Food System” refers to a collection of activities involved in producing, processing, transporting and consuming food. The quality of our food systems directly impacts the health of our bodies, our environment, our economies and our cultures. The current pandemic brings to light the vulnerability of our current food system that may result in disorder, threatening our health and economy, as well as human rights, peace and security. Transforming our food systems is among the most powerful ways to change this course and continue towards all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of the UN Food Systems Summit is to use the post COVID response to re-think, repair, reboot, restart and replace Food Systems with ones that, in the next 10 years can deliver on the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals. We are all part of the food system, and so we all must come together to bring about the transformation that the world needs.

The Oceania Pasifika Organic Food Systems Dialogue will focus on the UN’s goal of Action Track 3; to boost nature-positive production systems at scale to globally meet the fundamental human right to healthy and nutritious food, while operating within planetary boundaries.

 The goal of this Dialogue is to bring Pacific Organic stakeholders together to brainstorm and propose evidence and experience-based, radical, game-changing solutions that propose transformative food production systems that work for both people and nature. The Dialogue will provide a platform for diversified voices ensuring fair and equitable representation of people of different genders, ages, and from different countries, territories and sub-regions.

The outcomes from this Dialogue will feed into the Intercontinental Network of Organic Farmers Organisations’ (INOFO) submission to the UN Food Systems Summit to eventuate in September 2021. INOFO is the global voice of world farmers to the UN. This dialogue is convened by the organic movement of Australia, New Zealand and the Pasifika through the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Programme of the Pacific Community. This event was supported by the Australian Government funded Building Prosperity for Women Producers, Processors and Women Owned Businesses through Organic Value Chains (BPWP) project; and the PROTÉGÉ project, funded by the 11th European Development Fund.



Action Track 3: Boost Nature-Positive Food Production at Scale

Program_Oceania Pasifika FSS Dialogue 10 June 2021



Food Systems Summit | United Nations

Action Tracks | United Nations


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