Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community

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Ranadi Plantation

Ranadi Plantation Partnership is Fiji’s largest organic ginger farm. It has been farming in Fiji for 50 years, consisting of a rolling spread of 62 hectares in Deuba, about 45...
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Bula Coffee

Bula Coffee partners with Villages within Fiji to process and package local Coffee, enabling Fijian villagers to reap the reward of their hard work and natural resources. Mission Empowering local...
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Samoa Coconut Cluster Limited

Samoa Coconut Cluster Limited is a company formed by farmers in 2013 to encourage the development of the organic exports of virgin coconut oil from Samoa. To date, we have registered...
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We are an organic beef farm founded in 1960 in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Certification: BioGro New Zealand Key contact: Caroline Brunet –
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Agronet (Fiji) Ltd

We are a limited liability company and the nature of our business is to provide farming advisory services, the creation of growers groups to supply our sales, provide farm management services,...
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PSES Consult

Pacific Social and Environmental Safeguards Consult (PSES Consult) specialises in environmental planning, natural resources management, social safeguard and project evaluations. It was established in 2012 and has been providing consulting...
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Bio Fetia

Bio Fetia is a Participatory Guarantee System for organic certification according to the POS (Association created in 2012 which has been recognized by the Government of French Polynesia for this...
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Gurafesu Biodiversity, Conservation & Climate...

We are a civil society organisation, formed in 2004 made up of youths from Molotabi Community in Malaita Province. The organisation started practising organic agriculture and encouraging growers to improve...
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Rural Farming Extension Services Ltd

Rural Farming Extension Services Ltd has been building resource centres among the cooperatives we work with. Our offices work and frequently stay with our producers on the ground. We work cocoa...
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Doc’s Organics (Fiji)

Doc’s Organics (Fiji) farm is a model farm located in Rakiraki, Fiji. It is a bio-diversified integrated Organic farm following Biodynamic permaculture principles. Contour terrace farming is practiced within it...
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