Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community

Gurafesu Biodiversity, Conservation & Climate Change Community Development Association

We are a civil society organisation, formed in 2004 made up of youths from Molotabi Community in Malaita Province. The organisation started practising organic agriculture and encouraging growers to improve their forests, cocoa and coconut plantation in 2005. The work we do is helping the community access essential services like a health clinic, improve food and nutritional security and protect the environment. We encourage the community to practice traditional gardening for health and as a resilient measure for climate change.

The organisation has an office in Lau Valley Community, East Honiara.


  • Support and promote the sustainable, social, economic and environment of people in Solomon Islands
  • Advance the capacities and self-reliance of our communities, especially in rural areas, and develop new ways of doing this


  • Develop programs and project so that they also teach communities new skills in leadership, planning, business, health, education, resource development
  • Develop human resources within communities and within GBCCCCDA through training management systems
  • Develop and use of sustainable processes for achieving the equitable contribution to and distribution of the benefits of developments
  • Cooperate with government and other NGOs for sustainable development initiatives and share human and material resources
  • Develop and strengthen GBCCCCDA as a locally owned country organisation with an international network

Key Activity Focus Areas:

  • Biodiversity – To promote the conservation and sustainable use of our biological resources in forest ecosystems, freshwater and mountain ecosystems
  • Organic gardening – Encourage the practice of traditional farming, discourage chemical pesticide use, encourage organic farming systems such as composting and capacity building on persistent organic pollutants
  • Land Degradation/Sustainable land management – promote sustainable agriculture, sustainable range & pasture management & ground water conservation, forest and wood land management
  • Climate change – Promote measures to adapt to impact of climate change
  • Livelihood and empowerment


P.O.Box 2205, East Honiara,

Solomon Islands.

Cell: +677 8582697, +677 30152 ext 207

Key Contact:

Tom Daoni –

Tom Tikini –

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