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Ranadi Plantation

Ranadi Plantation Partnership is Fiji’s largest organic ginger farm. It has been farming in Fiji for 50 years, consisting of a rolling spread of 62 hectares in Deuba, about 45 minutes west of Suva on Fiji’s main island Viti Levu. It made a big turn around in 2012, converting the farm from non-organic to an organic sustainable farm. The farm became fully ACO, IFOAM, USDA NOP in April 2015.


Ranadi Plantation’s mission is to provide discerning customers with the best tasting ginger in the world, implementing only the highest quality organic and sustainable farming methods.


Examples below;
• In the period of this turnaround we have exported over 50MT of ginger to Australia and New Zealand in the past 3 years.
• Farming skills – Ranadi started the first commercial composting windrow in Fiji in 2014. In order to reduce the cost of organic bought in fertilizers, In 2016, we introduce sustainable organic and home made soil regeneration technique.
• Income generation – Our revenue has tripled since conversion to organic ginger,.
• Health and Food Security – We promote teaching methods for growing sustainable organic foods , for this we have had our staff create their own Mandala gardens in Ranadi to grow their own organic vegetables and root crops.
• Monthly newsletter- at the moment we do not have monthly newsletter, we have a page that is updated monthly for trainings.

Organic Certification
We are Fiji’s first and only GlobalGap certified farm. We are also ACO/USDA NOP/IFOAM certified farm
Products available
Fresh and Frozen Organic ginger exported to Australia and New Zealand.
Fresh and Frozen Turmeric exported to Australia and New Zealand
Locally; we sell Lemons and Limes

Volunteer opportunities: We have an informal intern Programs, where we have interns come in for training, either on farm or off farm.

Contact details
Ranadi Plantations,
Physical Queens Road, Deuba,
P O Box 100, Fiji

Phone +679 3450003
Mobile +679 9431320


Ranadi Plantation is committed to sharing its knowledge and has hosted educational events and trainings. While we believe a bit of competition is healthy, we believe more strongly that the market or agriculture is vast and growing, and that for Fiji to secure its place in the world market Fijian farmers, pack houses and exporters need to work together, share knowledge, experiences and expertise. We are also working with Fairtrade to create Fiji’s fourth FT group, and its first non-sugar group.

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