Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community

POETCom is a membership organization dedicated to advocating for organic agriculture throughout the Pacific. POETCom’s efficacy is dependent on a strong membership base in order to promote network exchange, answer technical issues and represent the organic community at strategic international meetings and with key influencers and international policy decision-makers.  

It is POETCom’s objective to serve its affiliates to the greatest extent possible, making effective use of the resources available.

Why become a member?

Join the Pacific Organic Movement – Have Influence and Make a Difference!

Why join us?

Expand your network, gain access to member-only information, have influence and make a difference!

To become a POETCom Member/Supporter:

  1. Download and read through our Membership Policy.
  2. Your application will be sent to the POETCom Board who will review and decide accordingly
  3. Once approved, you will be sent a notification letter and a copy of Certificate
  4. And congratulations you are now a member!

The Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community programme is leading the development of organics in the Pacific region and is affiliated to the Pacific Community (SPC) through the Land Resources Division. POETCom is founded on the belief that Pacific organics is key contributor to sustaining Pacific cultures and improving farmer livelihoods, communities, people's health and the environment. Through our extensive network of key agricultural, academic, governmental and technical decision-makers at local and regional level; and international level through IFOAM-Organics International; the Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community is recognised at the peak body of the organics movement in the Pacific. By becoming a member, your voice is included in this movement.


Access to member and staff expertise, best organic practices and guidance. As a member, you will have access to membership only information; mentoring and advice from our technical experts; and funding opportunities where applicable. You can also tap into our extensive network of more than 50+ members and farmer organisations from 15 different countries and the connections we have with agricultural, environmental and technical experts and decision-makers at various levels. You will also have networking opportunities to meet stakeholders, influencers, have access to organic research and attend organic learning sessions. You will also be linked to the Organic World Congress – platform for network and exchange of information with a range of organic experts.

Increase your visibility by being published in our online Member Directory and our social media platforms. Exposure of your work and products on POETCom website, workshop events and through our email listings.

Stay in the loop of our member-only communication on our member listing. Receive latest information and developments on the Pacific organic and policymaking. Get access to free workshops, webinars and info sessions.

Contribute to shaping Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community’s vision and critical issues in the organic agriculture, through active involvement in the decision-making process. Have your say about the direction of organic movement in the Pacific at the General Assembly.

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