Pacific Organic & Ethical Trade Community

Why Certified Organic?

Produce and products labelled organic are on sale in nearly every grocery store these days, but what does the label of “organic” actually mean and are these products really organic?  Organic agriculture should not use potentially harmful chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and animal drugs, and animals raised organically are provided with an environment that promotes their health and well-being.

Another aspect of organic agriculture is that human relationships are conducted with fairness and respect at all levels of production, from farmers to distributors to consumers.

Organic certification is a way that consumers can be sure that what they are buying really meets these standards. There are several organic certification schemes with different labels and it is important for consumers to become familiar with these.

The Pacific has its own organic certification scheme known as “Organic Pasifika”.

  1. Organic Pasifika Certification
  2. Pacific Organic Standard

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