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Organic Pasifika Certification

‘Organic Pasifika’ certification arose from the belief that our traditional organic farming practices when strengthened, coordinated and shared will meet the changing needs of our region and peoples and carry us forward into the future.

Products bearing the “Organic Pasifika” mark are certified to the Pacific Organic Standard by an internationally accredited and POETCom approved certifying body or through a robust, POETCom registered Participatory Guarantee System.

The Pacific Organic Standard describes the requirements for organic production. It covers plant production, animal husbandry, beekeeping, collection of wild products and aquaculture, and also the processing and labelling of products derived from these activities.

This standard provides a mechanism to define the expectations for organic production. When complied with, it also enables producers to label their products as organic.

The aims of this standard are:

  • to ensure that sustainable production systems are developed and maintained
  • to protect consumers against deception and fraud in the marketplace and against unsubstantiated claims
  • to protect producers of organic produce against misrepresentation of other agricultural produce as organic
  • to ensure that all stages of production, processing, storage, transport and marketing are subject to inspection and comply with this standard
  • to assist in informing consumers about the character of organic production in the Pacific.

There are currently two types of certifications systems in the Pacific:

The Participatory Guarantee System

If you are looking at getting your products certified for local and regional markets including Australia and New Zealand, you will need a PGS (Participatory Guarantee System) certification.

Third Party Certification

For international markets such as EU, USA eand such you will need to obtain a 3rd Party Certification.

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