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Organic food and livestock production systems are founded on the principle of caring for people, land and product to achieve sustainable, healthy and productivity ecosystems—soil, plant, animal and people. It is a holistic system designed to optimize the productivity and fitness of diverse communities within the agro-ecosystem, including soil organisms, plants, livestock and people. The principal goal of organic production is to develop produces that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment.

The following organic practices are techniques have been successfully applied and now shared by our Pacific farmers through a combination of traditional knowledge, innovation and science. It is important to note that there is no one size fits all solution to proper management of organic farms; but rather a combination of practices that works best for each farm conditions.

Growing Niuean Yams

Growing Organic Crop 

Kaufi or Kapia of Niue

Growing Organic Peanuts

Harvesting of Peanuts


Planting Organic Papaya

Planting Talo on the Rock

Saving Bananas

Saving Pawpaws

Sefito the Drought Survivor

Taro Muched Bed

The Famine Crop - Kape

Washing Seeds

Solomon Islands Cocoa Book

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