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Organic Tourism

The Bulaccino organic farm in Fiji that provides organic tours

Part of the attraction the Pacific holds for international visitors and tourists lies in the unique untouched environments and seemingly relaxed way of life that are far removed from the pressures of industrial life in urban cities.

The many high quality resorts and hotels in Pacific countries provide an easy way for visitors to Experience a taste of the pacific life.  These resorts sometimes offer local organic produce on their menus however they often still rely heavily on non organic and imported products to meet the needs of guests.  Some smaller bungalow and lodges particularly on the outer islands use local and organic produce.

While organic tourism is a new development in the Pacific region already in the Loyalty Islands of New Caledonia and in Fiji we have high quality resorts located on certified organic farms and more restaurants offering organic food on their menus.

POETCom will be developing a certification system for the tourism and hospitality industry so that tourists and local residents alike will be able to have confidence in any claims made by resorts and restaurants of the organic status of their offerings.

We believe that organic tourist services can be developed with creativity and in a way that will help economic development while following the 5 organic principals of the Pacific Organic Standard.

Visitors and tourists to the Pacific are encouraged to ask service industry resorts and restaurants if they have organic and local produce in their menus and locally made hand crafts and products as many dishes and souvenirs and of imported industrial origins.

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